Drain Camera
Videos & photos.

Here are some examples of some of the drain surveys we have carried out. As you will be able to see they are thorough and video and photo footage is extremely clear and visible.  It is important to have a full drain survey carried out before you have rat valves fitted to your sewer system as having them installed before a drain survey can cost you a lot more money and the rat issues may not be fully rectified.

For all your rat issues please give me a call on 07947160798 at PDS PEST CONTROL. Banbury. 

As you can see from this video footage this 4 inch pipe is broken and rats are able to gain access into the property/building through this broken pipe. 

On these particular drain survey's shown within the videos we are going up  4 inch pipes within the sewer and have come to broken joints and pipes. The rats are leaving the sewer and entering the fabric of the building, this is why it is important not to have rat flaps/valves installed in the chamber before a drain survey is carried out. As you can see clearly photos and videos do not lie.