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Proofing of your property or business

We carry out proofing works this could be squirrels entering your roof space, slip tiles, damaged facia boards.

Rats entering through your drains or damage to the structure of the building, mice entering through small gaps in your building structure, for a free survey get in touch.

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For an instant response call 07947160798.


Wasp nests if discovered at your home or business may become aggressive if disturbed or threatened. Do not attempt to treat the nest yourself! Call us and we can deal with the infestation quickly and professionally.


Moles cause widespread damage to lawns, paddocks, golf course greens, undermining paths and patios in there search for food. Get in touch for your free survey today!


Grey squirrel

Grey squirrels will quickly infest the roof spaces of your home and businesses. if allowed they will gnaw cables and also cause structural damage. They will leave droppings and urine throughout your roof space. Under the wildlife and countryside act 1981 grey squirrels cant be released back into the wild after being caught so we will despatch them humanely


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Mice will cause damage by gnawing through cables and the timber structures of your building and also carry disease Through there droppings and urination.

Bed Bugs

Bed bugs feed off of human blood and infestations can manifest rapidly if not treated. Get in touch for your free survey!



Fleas in your home or business can be extremely unpleasant due to there blood feeding. If you have a flea problem call us and we can provide you with a free survey.


Due to there feeding habits and breeding sites they are a serious public health issue. Contact us today for a free survey!

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Ants will enter your home or business through small gaps and crevices in the structure of your building, Due to there feeding habits and movements they often come into contact with drains and contaminated waste, they are carriers of disease because of this! contact us for a free survey!


Cockroaches can cause damage to your property if not controlled and are a serious health risk due to spreading diseases. Contact us for a free survey!

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Rats will cause damage to your home or business, gnawing through cables and the structure of your building. Rats spread disease through their Fleas, droppings and urine. Due to there carrying of disease they are a serious public health risk.